Mountain Dew 500 Nascar Race
Held Labor Day September 1, 2003
Thanks to Danny and his brother in law Richard we had a fatastic Bar-b-q and special thank you to Dannys wife Karen for the great food and lay out!
Richard, Bob & Sara enjoying the great food!
27 total Nascar Entries!
Danny teching while Scott & JT look on.
We even had a raffle! Dannys lil' boy picks the lucky winners as Danny hands out the Nascar goodies!
Novice Nascar lineup!
Group shot of all our racers for the Nascar 500!
Jr. Novice Main
Jr. Nov. Winners; Lt. to Rt.
4th: Bob P. -2nd: Justin
1st: Chuck ( 73 years young!)
3rd: Scotty
Sr. Novice Main
Racesrs help marshal other racesrs cars.
Robert keeps a close eye under the bridge for those "under" calls.
Sr. Novice Winners; Lt. to Rt.
3rd: Scott- 2nd: Phil- 1st: Pat
4th: JT
A few of the younger racers hanging out and having fun! Justin-Robert & Gary Jr.
Richard Arcand taking a turn as race director.
Expert/Adv Main
Expert/Adv Nascars
Expert/Adv Main start!
Adv. Winners! Lt to Rt
2nd: Chuck -1st: Celso
3rd: Bill
Expert Winners! Lt to Rt.
3rd: Danny 2nd: Tyson
1st: Richard
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A very successful and a hole lot of fun Race! We would like to thank all the racers and the following for their extra special help because without them this race would not have been possible.
Danny Nelson and his wife Karen. His brother in law Richard Rerez.
And these others who also helped out; Gary, Bill Hockett and Tyson Joyce.

See you all at our next special Race!