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Genesis HD-30 Controller
30 Bands!

  • Full power "Blast" relay
  • 30-band wiper design
  • Plug-in Resistor Network
  • E.S.P. Brake Relay

  • Difalco would like to announce their "Genesis HD30" controller design! The 30-band wiper design features a plug-in Resistor Network circuit board with different values to change the band response to best suit any motor from 1/24 wing to scale to HO to 1/32 home set type cars.

    (see link below to purchase resistors to
    customize response)

    Extreme Stopping Power brake Relay

    Difalco's new E.S.P. brake relay significantly improves full brake response for scale and retro type racing. The brake relay is controlled by a tiny switch on our circuit board. When activated the heat sink mounted relay bypasses the brake rheostat and the fuse to give the shortest resistance path and maximum braking. Since the relay does not depend on contact between the trigger and the brass brake post the braking response will not degrade because of arcing built up on the contact surfaces. This means perfect and consistent braking every time.



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