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Hitman FET
Fully Electronic 1:24 Controller
with Parma Handle

“Selectable Throttle Curve Switches”

“All FET Design” MotorDrive “FETDrive” and Brakes “FETBrakes” “No Fuses Needed”

With Improved brake adjustability, No power blast relay required, Improved full reverse polarity protection



  • All “FET Powered Design” 3rd Eye’s Exclusive “FETDrive” Motor/ “FETBrakes”.
  • “Differential Amplifier Technology” Power control uses the “test of time” proven design.
  • “No Power Blast Relay”. Full on power is done electronically; the “FETDrive” has less resistance to the battery and a faster response than a Power Blast Relay.
  • “More Usable Throttle Range” near max throttle where a Power Blast Relay would jump 1-2 V directly to battery. Now 20 bands or more of usable throttle control.
  • 3rd Eye’s exclusive “FETBrakes” Braking (stops the car on a dime and gives 9 cents change); stops car even after the track power goes off.
  • “Selectable Throttle Curve Switches” 4 settings for “Improved Throttle Response” softer bottom end throttle response selectable for each car and driving style.
  • No fuses to Replace Uses “PTC” fuses for “Mistake Proof” reverse polarity protection.
  • “Infinitely adjustable Brake and Sensitivity controls” (0-Max) control from onset to full.
  • “Sensitivity Control Voltage goes to .5V - ¾ Throttle” Provides maximum control.
  • “Smooth trigger action/Continuously variable throttle control” No steps - 150 bands.
  • “No Trigger Dead Band” No trigger travel from brake to power = faster lap times.
  • Dependable Parma Handle and Trigger (used exclusively).
  • “Ample Heat sinking” Provides safe and reliable cooling.
  • “3 ½ ft. Control Cable” Light and flexible 4 wire control cable
  • “Light weight Handle” With easy-to-use controls located on the backside of the handle.
  • Attractive “Professional looking Styling”
  • High intensity “Blue Power LED Indicator” Located in the handle.
  • 10” Long 12 gauge “highly flexible power leads”.

  • $275.00


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