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from our happy customers!


Hey Mick, Personally I want to thank you for your kind attention to my order. I am in heaven. This addition of track was exactly what I needed to complete my track inventory. Your service has been outstanding and I really appreciate the time you have taken on my e-mails and phone calls. I hope to see you at your shop one day to personally thank you. I will also be putting together my wish list of borders and other items still needed. I will tell my wife to order my christmas gifts from you. Please let me know when you receive the digital system. John Cook

Hi Mick, just a short note to say the order arrived today. Thanks Mate, your store is awesome - great service & help as well as lightening fast delivery to the other side of the world!!! Please email me when/if you get another stock of Speed Secret wheels
See ya Mark Aston:

Hi Micky, Just wanted to say thanks! We gave our son (5) one of the blue printed 16d's for his Birthday mid June. His Birthday Party was at the Slot Car track. He raced the Saturday night kids race and he won! He finished 36 laps ahead of the 2nd place car in his group of 6. The car ran perfect! Some old timers wanted to see the car and asked who built it. I told them Micky from LV. You are famous as they knew of you and have purchased from you in the past. Just wanted to let you know that your car did real well! I will be ordering a couple more blue printed cars in a week or two. You and your blue cars are our secret weapon. Thanks Fred

(The below really nice emil came from a 10-12 y.o. boy named Nick)
hi mick, this is nick from new york i just wanted to thank you again the cheetah low ryder come out gggrrreaaattt. i couldnt hadnt done any better the shipping was fast and the car is beutiful i cant wait to race it tommorow. from nick thank you so much!!


Hi Mick; It's here, my new slot car box! Tell JC very nice work for me ok and thank you for everything . I hope to get up there to your track soon so I can do sum racing but more important I get to meet you. Again thank you very much --- Robert Tate

Hi Mick, I ran the Valvoline Funny Car on Friday night at the bracket races, and true to words it did not dissapoint. The first pass was a .841 et and eventually ran to a .789 et. I redlighted on the final run (won 4 races to advance) due to nerves and not really knowing how much faster it would go. I am really happy with it.
Thanks again. Al

Hi Mick, I'm the guy that was in your shop in Febuary, from Michigan, I wanted to let you and know that the motor I bought from you guys has worked out great. Whenever it looks like I might have some stiff competition I get out my "VEGAS" motor and kick ass. I finished first place in points for the season in that class. Tell Tyson YO and when I need another motor I'll give a shout. Thanks Again, Terry

In memoire of Adriano Lorenzo
from his brother Richard

Hi Mick, Just wanted to let you know of the passing of my brother, Adriano Lorenzo Jr, earlier this month.(May 6th, "05). He was an avid slot car racer who rekindled my interest in slot cars, after an hiatus of 38 years, but more importantly he introduced me to Slot Car City. This past November, when we were in Las Vegas, both he and I stopped by your shop to personally meet you and to purchase some parts. We also met Pat and another guy behind the counter, whose name unfortunately I can't remember. This was our first visit to your shop and we were really impresssed with the set up and the friendliness of you and the other people. As we say in Hawaii, you folks have the spirit of Aloha. On the way back to Hawaii, my brother and I were talking about how on our next trip to Las Vegas we would bring a couple of our drag slot cars and spend some time at your track. My brother was to have made a trip to Las Vegas on the same week that he died, and he was planning to stop by your shop as he had a Slot Car City order form all made out. He was a firm believer in your company, your products, your service, but most importantly had an unwavering trust in you. Mick, thank you for having kept my brother's love for slot cars alive. Richard Lorenzo

our prayers and condolences go out to the families of Adriano Lorenzo, may he rest in peace

I just wanted to say thanks for the great job you did on my 4 inch nascar, I received it on Thursday, and it runs and handles great. I was the one that ordered the Custom Blue Printed S-16D Nascar w/ #33 Skoal Nascar Body. I think it's the best deal going! Your car is so much faster down the straight away, right out of the box, it ran 4.2 and 4.3's, I really love the car..
Steve Fife; Corona, CA.


Micky, Just wanted you to know that the slot car showed up on Saturday, as promised, and we gave it to my grandson on Easter Sunday. HE LOVED IT!!! You really came through for me...thank you for following up.
Thanks again, Randy Graboski; Bohemia, NY.

Mick, Thanks again for your professionalism, it's people like you I love to do business with. If you ever want to start another store in northern Nevada let me know, you would kick ass up here.
Scott Ruff
; Carson City, NV.

Hello Mickyvegas, Just a quick email to say thank you for the great Scalextric GT Super Cup Raceset. It arrived yesterday. I look forward to the other set I purchased from you and to future purchases. I will definitely be leaving possitive feedback for you. Thanks again and I look forward to doing more business with you in the future. Best Regards, Derek. Lombardi

Mick: I recieved the slot car bodies today, they look great, even though I haven't competed in almost 2 years I'm looking forward to putting together these cars for fun racing only.
Thanks, John LaBarge II

The Mick A/Kelly Custom Gr. 20 motor came today just giving me enough time to put it in the car for tonights racing.
The motor is fantastic! My son won second place in his race with it. only beaten by a Gp27.
Thanks again, Mark Jehan

My son received the slot car today,and he was delighted! He can't wait to try it out. Thank you very much. I'm sure our family will being doing business with you again in the near future.
Sincerely, Michelle Libby

Hi Micky, I got a race set from you for my son at Christmas, it's a blast. We got him a set last Christmas from a toy store and it didn't really even last the day. This set is easily worth the money, great quality, easy set up, fast cars. It's his favorite gift. Thanks! We have the C1064T (Scalextric GT Super Cup 1/32 Scale Raceset).
Dave Hostetter Olney,Illinois

Hey Mick, This is Lee Robinson aka The Phantom Racer. I was in Las Vegas in fall 2002 and called you from the Days Inn Hotel off the strip. After you gave me directions I found a cab and proceeded to find Slot Car City....Wow, what a place. I thoroughly enjoyed myself and returned the next day. As I was only in Vegas for 2-3 days doing a play for children I decided to find out if there were any slot car fun to be had. Well there was, and the company was about the best I've been in for some time. Just a note to say thanks for an enjoyable 2 days of Flexi- Fun and hanging out. Hey again thanks for the ride back to the hotel too, that was great and most hospitable. No where else has the owner of a track been like a brother to me except you Mick, and I was on a nationwide tour and have raced anonomously wherever there was a track, thanks again!
Lee Robinson The Phantom Racer

Got my order today and cannot believe how quick it arrived. I can hardly keep myself from opening it before Christmas! It's going to be a great gift for my son. Thanks again for all the advice!
Dave Clark Peoria, AZ

Gday Mick, Well the Australian nationals were run and won and I am proud to say that after a shakey start to the weekend my brother using the Kelly motor got runner up in Top Fuel running withing a few hundereths of the record and with gears and pinions that where way off. I managed to get a win in Pro Gas (similar to Pro Stock) with the Kelly group 12. My mate put a set of those yellow dot open tires on his car and picked up no less then 12 mph and broke the track record and set an official aussie record. Everything you built us worked a treat and if it wasnt for your fine work we would not have done so good. I now know we made the right call in getting everything built by you and would recommend you to anyone and everyone. A huuuuge thankyou for us in Sydney and to get the number #1 in Pro Gas was well worth the effort. Cheers Paul Drady

Dear micky, recieved our first order today and was very satisified, we recieved numerous complements on the bodies we recieved from you, they were very well done with detail and professional painting. We were glad we used you , and alot of my friends and other guys we race with will be using you also. looking foward to using you again and again in the future thanks again. Angelo

Mick...... Thank you, Thank You, Got the 1st and 2nd orders today, they are better than expected. WOW! You do great work! My son and I are very impressed. Thank You Now he can't wait to see his order. Randy, & Brandon


Got my order today and cannot believe how quick it arrived. I can hardly keep myself from opening it before Christmas! It's going to be a great gift for my son. Thanks again for all the advice!
Dave Clark Peoria, AZ

Dear Mick, I have been training this great sport over a year now. There were good and bad moments. While I was surfing on the net I found your interesting site and its very helpful. It helped me a lot to set up my motor better then it was. If possible, I would like some other helpful hints to get the maxium performance from my motor. Hoping to hear from you soon !
Thanks for all your help, Mr.Mario Farrugia

Hi, good to talk to you just now. Thanks for taking my order. The site does look great and having photo's online is fabulous for all of us on the other side of the world. It has given me the chance to see and buy up to date products with confidence that I know what I am getting. Secondly, the service I have received so far is first class and I will buy from you again. Keep up the good work. Mark Aston.... New Zealand

Well mate that S16-D motor that I got from you just broke the lap record today on our Blue king. Old record was 5.13sec, New lap record 4.92 sec :) Made my day :),Alan Stones

Hi Mick , just wanted to tell you , THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU . I bought 1 of your s16d twister motors that was blueprinted and that baby goes. I installed it in a parma edge drag chassis kit with a DRS pro stock camaro body and did nothing else but add oil and track glue . Not only did i blow away the competition i was beating stock group 20 cars , this is on 1/8 scale mile drag track. The guys i race with were dying and did not believe what they were seeing . Thanks again.............
Mike from NJ . aka ,




Mick; today was the first day I had a chance to race the Box Stock 12 you built for me. I beat everybody by 25 laps! Thanks again, you will get more of my business in the future.
John Milcherska;

I received my order and I thank you for it. I had tried three different companies before you were able to fill my tool needs. I am having a blast learning to work on the motors. I liked the article on your site about how to go about blueprinting. Anyway thank you once again. Sincerely,
Jim Abbott;

Stumbled across your sight,and I think its one of the best I've seen. Please keep up the good work,and keep the articles on building coming. Loved the motor building!!! Thanks Bobby Willis;

You have the best web site I have ever seen! Pictures produce orders!!!
Mr. scrap; scpscp@excite

I really enjoyed your article on motor building. I have built 2 of these motors and they really scream. I liked your level of detail and the use of pictures.
Kids learn the joy of sharing their knowledge. Tyson showed this in the article on building slot car motors. I bet he received much satisfaction of knowing his knowledge could help others. Please add more 'How To' articles in the future.
Mike - a 40 plus year old slot racer that has recently returned to the sport of his youth

Hey Mick, My girlfriend recently gave me one of your cars for my birthday. It was a GT12 with the Dale Earnhardt paint scheme on the GT12 body. The car looks and runs great. The first time I took it out I had people asking me where I got it and telling me how great it looked. This is my second one of your cars and once again nothing in the class touches it. You the man Mick!Thanks again.. Mike Ferrara;


Claude and Phillip;

Hi Mick, Just thought you would like to know that I was 2nd in the stock 16D class running a stock Deathstar in an turbo chassis with alum pan and the UPS body I got from you. Your suggested gear ratio of a 9 tooth pinion and 29 tooth spur really did the trick. Thanks for the advice. I won the Super 16D winged class with the car I got from you, again you never cease to amaze us. We had the 2nd fastest lap time but the car had far superior handling than all the rest. Thanks again,
Claude and Phillip;

Cool! I really like the article on blue printing your motor! It gives the basic and exactly what I need to get started. I know that the feeling of satisfaction I'm going to have when I complete one will supercede the cost of all the tools necessary. Just for providing that article gives me the excitement of purchasing items from your store. (A ROLON)

Hi Mick, I received the Fly car today 30 JUL 01. It's awesome! I am providing positive comments for your feedback profile and hope you can do same.
You have made this an enjoyable experience, Ralph;

I just purchased the new 24 flame body from you and it looked great. I used it in a local nascar race in Houston and it won the concourse and the race. thanks for a great looking and fast body..
Ted Klimski;

Hows it going out in vegas? Hot here in georgia. I received my order and let me tell you the S16 Turbo Flex RTR is great and it is even better with a group 12 motor. Great work! Again thanks for the great car!
James Cook; :

Dear Mickey, I just received my Lola and Chaparral today! Amazingly quick service and the Lola is gorgeous! Thanks!
Allan; (Dr. Allan Robbins)

Mick, I have ordered and received your RTR..... first day I had it I allready set a new record on a local track at a 5.3 the older record was 5.7.......I am so glad I got this car...well talk to ya latter.
Jeremy Petrowski: SplitFire 392

HI Mick, Just received the Custom Box Stock you built for me. The quality of construction was first rate. I ran the car at my local track and the car was super quick with plenty of kick out of the corners. Thanks for a super job!

Mick; Just wanted to thank you !!! I've been ordering from you for 3 mouths now and everything I have got from you has been class A !!!!!!!  Its hard to believe that you take care of your customers so well, Its a pleasure ordering from you with this great support. (cool web sight too!)
Scott Botkins;

  Hey Mick, I just got the Box 12 and DR 30. It is totally awsome! You are a true artist! My wife loves the chick on the car too! My question is this. What is the difference between 1 ohm and 10 ohms? I am totally confused about the whole ohm thing. Just a final note on how cool your stuff is, I can't say enough good things about you, I even gave your card away to some kid that showed an interest! Keep up the EXCELLENT work! Thanks a million!
Sincerely, Chad Anderson;

Mick, just want to tell you how happy I am with the (2) Super 16C blueprinted cars you built for me. Jaws dropped at the track when I fired those babies up!!! SWEET Thanks Again

Hi Mick; Got the bodies yesterday afternoon. You did an AWESOME job I'm very pleased with all 3. Thanks !! Also would like to do 2 Matt Kenseth car's( #17 DeWalt Fords)
I'll be recommending you to all my club members as we tend to always use the same drivers throughout a season. Thanks again
Jeff Russell-Bend, OR;

Hello. Just wanted to let you know I recieved this order today. The bodies look GREAT! Good job. I will definiately be ordering from you again.
Thanks again.
Art Plummer;

The Group 7 Open car is awesome. We are having a great time and thinking of opening our own track. I'm getting better and building some cars (things have changed since the 60's and I'm an aerospace engineer) but can't beat yours in any class. We're trying.  The Box Stock 12 you built beats any of the ones we come across. The McD's Super 16D car beats all in that class, (someone smashed into it and I've been trying to get it back ever since, how much for an overhaul?) Anyway, we are very pleased.
Thanks, Chaz & Phillip Haynes;

Hi Mick, You have looked after me and Paul for a long time with supplies off great Go fast motors for our drag cars which have dominated the classes here in OZ ,NSW. Plus the only way to Win is to stay ahead of the opposition with the latest gears from the US which you have!. Our Ozzie dollar might not be so great now but its worth paying for as they are top class motors and spare parts which keep us 1 step ahead of the opposition! Also I might add, I  never had any problems with parcels being sent to Australia,
Thanks Mick keep up the great work Brian;

Hi Mick, Just thought I would let you know that I received the Tide car on Monday and it really looks great, it was worth the wait. Thanks again for being able to fill the order, to bad they are not going to make the decals anymore, what a great looking car.
Thanks Dale;

Purchased two of your NASA bodies and I very pleased with them.
Do you offer any wing car bodies and do you carry the Bullet plastic pinning block?
Looking forward to hearing from you!
Paul Seigle;

Hey Mickey,
I just recieved the blue printed box stock 12 I ordered. Man is that thing fast. It flew like an airplane. It was way faster thatn anyone elses car in the shop I go to. I was way more than satisfied with that car. Thanks for being in business!


A letter from Wright Way Products
Mick; Your guy, with the damaged power supply, called. I think we got everything worked out. If ANYONE has ANY problems, with power supplies, Please have them call so I take care of it. I do not want any unhappy customers. Later, LES (les

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