Race Schedule
Saturday Nights at 7:00 PM

Stock Group 10
4" Flexi Type Chassis, 16D Balanced Rotor Motors, Nascar Bodoes
*Basic Rules*
(For Novice & Advance)
Any 4" Flexi Type chassis that came as a RTR Gr.10 (no Cheetah 11), Parma #501 motor, 48 pitch gears
(For Expert)
Any 4" USRA legal chassis, 64 pitch gears allowed, balanced 16D arm w/ Rotor type can. This is the same Nascar and rules we use in our So Cal USRA Events.

Wednesday Nights at 7:00 PM
Hawk 7 GT1/GTP
4" Flexi Type Chassis, JK Hawk 7, Falcon 7 or equivalent Motor, 64 pitch gears, see SCC calendar for body choice.
Basic Rules
Any 4" USRA legal chassis (JK Cheetah 11 OK), 64 pitch gears, Stock Sealed JK Hawk 7, Falcon 7 or equivalent Motor .
"Drag Racing"
Bracket Racing
Build your own Drag Car, Any thing goes!
Sundays at 4:00 PM
We have races for all skill levels, Novice, Advance & Expert!
We have very friendly and helpfull staf and also our other racers will help you out as they love to see new people get involved! So don't be shy, come on down and join the fun of the fastest scale Auto Racing in the World, Slot Car Racing!

*Also on Wednesday Nights*
4½" Nascar

Any legal 4½" Stamped Steel Chassis
, JK Hawk 7, Falcon 7 or equivalent Motor, 64 pitch gears.
See SCC calendar for bodies choice

Thursday Nights at 7:00 PM
Box Stock 12
Any USRA legal B12 Chassis, any USRA legal Gr.12 C-can motor (can bearing allowed), 64 pitch gears only, any legal wing body.
(Clck here to see full USRA Rules)
(Click here for our monthly calendar of race events)