Slot Car City
"Race Tracks"
1271 South Decatur Blvd.
Westland Fair Plaza Las Vegas, NV. 89102

Our 146' HillClimb" & 135' Kingelman
Slot Car Race Tracks

Our very fast banked race tracks with 8 lanes. They are 40'- 45' long by 18' - 21' wide. They are powered by monster 8D bus batteries and a 75 amp. power supply so you will never have to wory about power drop off!
We hold most all our weekly, parties and our So Cal USRA events on this track. Come down and try our fast Nascars or winged Rental cars on this track!

"Drag Racing!"
How about 0-60 mph in les then one second on our 1/8 mile scale Drag Track! That's over 1,400 scale mph! It has an actual christmas tree just like the real drags. And just like the real thing it will read your mpg, E.T. and reaction time! You can do bracket racing, heads up racing along with standard or pro light.
The drag track is 45' long with 15' of shut down area and 3' of burn out area! Come down and try out your reaction time on the Drag Track!