at the Scout Expo
Download movie of the final top four race's of the Scout Expo!
MPG Movie
Download movie of the Boy Scouts Racing on our 4-lane Scalextric Nascar Raceset!
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MPG Movie
Full view of our Scalextri 4-lane Nascar Raceset at the Scout Expo.
Our top young racer Tyson Jyoce helping out.
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We had a full house at the Scout Expo!
The scout racers are trying hard to win!
Another one of our local racers and also a Boy Scout (Matt Carol) helps out!
Raceing is intence as even the fathers get involved!
Eveybody leanding a hand putting back on the Nascars!
Tyson getting the lil' Nascars ready to race!
There off again for another race! We had a lot of them through out the day!
As the action goes on in the background others look in our little shoe case.

We all had a great time at the Scout Expo! Special thanks goes to the following for all there help in setting up, help us run the races and helping us out with our lil' show at the Scout Expo!

Lon Stokes (long time racer and good friend!)
Tyson Joyce (our hot young racer and good friend!)
Matt Carol (our young racer good friend!)

Thank you all! With out you guys, I would not have been able to acomplish what we did at the Scout Expo!
October 17, 2002

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