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Koford "Beuf Express" with Koford H.P!

Fully Blue Printed Koford 20 mag. w/Koford Gr. 7 H.P!

Koford Polymer Spur Gear & Koford Wonder Rubber!

The best High Speed
Slot Car Manufactures

  • Motor: Koford 20 mag. Cobalt Open
  • Armature: Koford .490 24 ga Gr. 7
  • Chassis: Koford Beuf Express Gr.7
  • Gears: Camen Pinion/Koford Spur
  • Tires: Koford Hard Wonder Rubber (for spray or light glue)
  • Body: Hi-Speed or Mick A Pro Mounted Koford Peugeot

The best of all worlds with no expense spared!
You have the best top of the line Kofrord Beuf Express chassis along with the ultimate Koford 20 mag. motor along with the new Koford .490 Gr. 7 armature! Lock it down with an Hi-Speed or Mick A Pro Mounted Koford Peugeot and Koford Wonder Rubber tires and your ready for the ultimate in Gr. 7 racing!

Note: Please allow extra time (2+ weeks) as each car has to be custom hand built and setup ordered from Wright Way Products



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