Sept. 1993: It took a huge moving van to move the big King & Hill Climb Track!
Sept. 1993: Loading up a piece of the Blue King track
Sept, 1993: The building in raw stage before the tracks are installed.
Sept. 1993; Big Dave Drake helping out painting walls.
Sept. 1993; Carpet being layed down
Sept. 1993; Big Dave studying the Blue King layout.
The History of Slot Car City started over seven years ago when the owner Mick Antonelli was an avid slot car racer and competed in many weekly and USRA events and has been racing on and off since 1977. With a dream of owning a slot car track since the early eighties and watching each slot car track go out of business he felt he could do a better job keeping a slot car track open. In early 1992 while out on tour racing he came across a Blue King track that he raced on in the past. The price was right so there in that moment of the purchase of the Hassie Blue King #1, Slot Car City was born. We hope you enjoy the pictures along the way to the building of Slot Car City.
Oct. 1993; Mega wire harness and taps being installed.
Nov. 1993; 11 days til the Grand Opening!
Nov. 1993; Working out on the side walk to finish the final touches.
Oct. 1993; Mick A and brother Johnny have a lil' fun assembling the Hill Climb
Oct. 1993; A lot of work went into assembling the old American Hill Climb
Nov.1993; Finally together Mick A tries out the American Hill Climb
Nov.1993; Another view of the American Hill Climb after many hours of work.
Nov. 1993; Cleaning up and getting closer to the Grand Opening!
Nov. 1993; Mick A's dad also get's involved painting some Indy Cars.

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History of Slot Car City!

Nov. 1993; Some of the local kids help clean up the Hassie Blue King.