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Six-Position Brake Switch

The best brake switch on the market!
"It has more brakes then any brake rheostat on the market"
This is the same brake switch offered on the DR-40 Electronic Controller!

  • No more replacing due to blown or worn out rheostats
  • Noticeably increase your braking power over rheostats
  • Like having a separate switch for each brake position all in one little control

  • It can be used on any controller with conventional brakes.

    From DR (Dan Ruddock) of DR Racing Products
    What are the advantages of this system? It's about as close to bulletproof as you can get, as long as the correct fuse is used, because diodes, unlike a resistor, will fully conduct regardless of what position it is adjusted to it will always blow the fuse, saving the diodes. It will have better brakes because even the HD Ohmite pots have about 25 milliohms when adjusted to full but this high amperage switch has about 1 milliohm, which is down to the resolution of my meter.

    (Click here for the full article by Dan Ruddock along with customer comments from Slot Blog!)

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