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Gp. F/OMB chassis w/B.B.
with Mockingbird Motor!


* Chassis: New! Gp.F/OMB
* Motor: NEW! Mockingbird Sealed Motor
* Body: O/S Viper Pro Mounted Wing Body
* Rear Tires: Alpha .760 Treated Piranha
* Gears: ARP 13t/Pro Slot 37t

Best Handling on Flat Tracks!

Koford's best handling Gr.12 chassis along with the fastest sealed motor makes for very fun wing car!

This is the exact same Class of Wing car we run!

Faster then Hawk-7 motor by 4 tenths of a second! 

Note: Please allow extra time as each of these are custom hand built to order by Mick A

Notes: Body may be a different color scheme then pictured above, depends on what we have in stock
You may also request a different color scheme from the Hi-Speed or Mick A Wing bodies I may have in stock (See link below)
Chassis will be the New Koford Gp.F/OMB 4.6" and Not the one pictured above as Koford no longer makes that one.






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