Here are the parts you will need:
Parma Rotor Setup, Pro Slot balanced 16d 45 deg armature, Pro Slot Gold Dust Motor Brushes, Champion Light Springs, Koford .007 Motor Spacers & Slick-7 .030 Motor Spacers.

Blue Printing Your Motor
by Mick A & Tyson Jyoce
Below is the basic's to blue printing a C or D can motor from all new parts. In this lesson we are blue printing a Fast Ones Twister with a balanced 16d armature.
If you are interested in building a Fast Ones Balanced 45 deg. 16d Motor below are the links to the parts!
Here are the tools you will need:
Slick-7 Motor Analizer, Slick-7 Glidex Motor Oil, JK Allen Wrench, Slick-7 Motor Alinment Tools, Magnahone Brush Radius Tool and Hood Tool.
Note: Some of the more expensive tools like the Motor Analizer and Magnahone tools are tools you can get down the road when your racing in the Pro classes.
Now we can get started: Here one of our top young racers, 14 y.o. Tyson Jyoce examens the motor before assembling it.
Tyson checks the alignment of the Endbell. The tool (Slick-7 Brush Alignment Tool) should slide through the brush hoods without a hang up! Make adjustments by loosening the endbell screws and wiggling the tool as you are aligning it, then tighten down the screws.
If you still have small hang ups use the (Magnahone Hood Tool) which the Pros use to get that perfect alignment and also so the motor brushes do not hang up.
Another handy tool is the (Slick-7 Bushing Alignment Tool) which you can get both the (Slick-7 Brush & Bushing Alignment Tool) in one package. The Bushing tool is used to check the alinment of the can & endbell bushings.
Wright Way Mini Power Supply
Slick-7 Brush & Bushing Alignment Tool
Magnehone Hood Tool
Magnehone Brush Tool
The final check is using both the (Slick-7 Brush & Bushing Alignment Tool) to make sure the brush hoods are in aligment with the center of the armature shaft.
Carfully without touching the comutator the armature is installed to check and see how many and what type of armature spacers it will need. Also to check the alinment of the can & endbell bushings by spining the arm.
It looks like it is going to take the (Slick-7 .030 Arm Spacers) ,one on both sides and also two of the (Koford .007 Arm Spacers) on the com side of the arm. Each arm spacing is different.Make sure you do not put all the arm spacers on just one side of the arm unles that is were you see all the gap.
Assembling it all back together to check the spacing of the arm, it may need another one of the thin (Koford .007 Arm Spacers). If it is to tight take one of the .007 arm spacers out untill you feel a slight bit of play. Normally you will have a gap on both sides of the arm shaft and installing arm spacers on both sides to take up that gap but not to tight leaving approx. .005 play (a little less then a .007 arm spacer)

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Blue Printing Your Motor
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